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The enclosed material is proprietary to Azai Studios. The material presented in this document may not be disclosed in any form or manner to anyone other than the addressee(s) and employees or authorized representatives of the firm/client.

Project overview


Azai Studios will collaborate with Truly Secure to define, strategize, design and develop their new visual identity and website website in order to ultimately convey who they are as a company and provide information on their services

In an effort bring this project to live, Azai Studios will recommend an initial scope to provide the most strategic value and foundational support to Truly Secure, we’ve outlined the core project currently to include a set of concrete deliverables and activities.

Timeline & Roadmap

How long will it take?

The project is estimated to start in 8/12/19 and complete in 11/13/19. The estimated total timeframe for the project is approximately 3 months, as outlined in the accompanying schedule. We will keep this section updated at all times so feel free to visit this section at anytime during this project.

Client Contacts

Department leads and their contact info


Harji Singh


Japna Kaur


Krists Darzins