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Gregory Van

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The enclosed material is proprietary to Azai Studios. The material presented in this document may not be disclosed in any form or manner to anyone other than the addressee(s) and employees or authorized representatives of the firm/client.

Welcome Endowus,

Thank you for taking the time to consider Azai Studios as your agency partner.

About us

On the website that follows, we’re pleased to share an overview of our understanding of the opportunity and our initial thoughts on how we could partner together in developing your new brand, digital touchpoints, and its foundational footprint.

Launched in 2015 by Harji Singh, Azai Studios works with people and businesses to help them in the creation or evolution of their brand experience. We at Azai Studios apply creative and technical thought to deliver effective, sustainable, and inspiring design solutions at scale.

Now as a global agency with team members in New York City, Dubai, and Riga, we seek out diverse opportunities that celebrate cultural diversity and expression. Our reach across continents allows us to work in different time zones, and to collaborate with talent from around the world, all to provide our clients with top quality work. We could continue on in agency jargon but we figured we’d get to the important stuff…

Why us?

That's not a thing many agencies brag about, but we love it. We are a tight-knit team. All of us come from larger agency backgrounds, so we’ve seen may pain-points from client-side to agency-side.

We're a small agency, and we're proud of that.

It's not always about the numbers, and we’re only as good as our last project. It lets us to say no to the projects that don't fit our ethos and allows us to be more transparent - because we can.

We learned that when you work with big agencies, a lot of the time there are things that get in the way of simply doing the best work. Being the small lets us keep the focus on the work itself, and away from the mundane. It lets us be less bureaucratic, which enables out-of-the-box thinking.

Being small lets our clients work directly with our account executives and creative directors.

Being small lets us be as lean as our clients, stay fast, always adapt, always be there and on top of things. Startup ethos, enterprise results.

And last but not least, small means more control over the outcome and less bullshit.

You've got some goals, we got some ways to get there

A full redesign in WebFlow

New pages and custom code to retain site functionality

WebFlow CMS setup & data migration

Phases, Deliverables, Costs

Below you'll see a detailed outline of deliverables and fees for the associated activities. In addition, Azai Studios recommends earmarking an estimated $5,000 - $10,000 to put towards additional design, development or creative to be defined mid-way through the project. We feel that it's important to earmark these funds, and are conscious of the targeted cap for this initial phase of work.

For the deliverables listed within this document, Client will pay Azai Studios the following amounts. If additional deliverables or activities are required, additional fees may be incurred. All overages and out-of-pocket expenses will be approved beforehand by Client.

Phase 1 →
Discovery, new page strategy, CMS strategy

Total Cost $1,500

Our goal here is to weave our team into your organization to understand who, what, and how it all works.

We need to get under the hood of the current Endowus website to fully understand its current structure.


  • Client to provide all access to historic and current data (analytics, reports, trends and research reports)
  • Client provides all access to current content and copy docs
  • Client to provide access to current CMS
  • Client to provide all copy for additional pages
  • Client to provide timely approvals and feedback

Open Full Deliverables

Deep dive of current website structure

  • 1 full CMS structure document outlining all required fields for WebFlow CMS
  • 1 full website site architecture audit and recommendations
  • New page(s) wireframes
  • Custom code review & discovery

Phase 2 →
Webflow Website Design

Total Cost $12,500

Our team will begin re-designing Endowus's website into webflow. All current animations will be translated into webflow interactions 2.0 + custom coding.


  • Client to provide all current website images and content organized by page.
  • Client to provide all new assets and copy for new pages.

Open Full Deliverables

Webflow Page Design & CMS Integration

  • Home page
  • Getting started
  • Pricing - custom coding
  • How we invest
  • CPF investment -- custom coding
  • Team
  • Press
  • Insights
  • Contact
  • Legal
  • Products
  • Learn Portal - Investing 101, Insights + Insights article page, Webinars + Webinar article page.
  • Investment calculator TBD - custom coding

SEO Retention

  • Site wide global meta data (titles, keywords, descriptions) transfer
  • Search engine friendly URL structure
  • Dynamic XML sitemap submission Google and Bing

Phase 3 →
QA, Data migration, Hosting Setup

Total Cost $3,000

Once the full site has been designed in Webflow, our team will test and ensure all features are working as designed across multiple devices.


  • Client side to have entry level WebFlow knowledge.
  • Client to provide timely feedback

Open Full Deliverables

1. Data Migration

  • All images, videos and copy will be pulled from current website. Once all approved content is provided, the first round of content entry for this website is the responsibility of Azai Studios.
  • We will train the team on client side on how to input content using the CMS and be available for follow up questions via email and video conference.
  • Azai Studios can be contracted for additional rounds of content entry outside of this proposal.

2. Quality Assurance Testing

  • Azai Studios will be responsible for testing all links, and functionality of the website across mobile and desktop
  • For the testing of the website and ensuring the site degrades gracefully on older, non-standard-compliant browsers. Azai Studios will test the website on: ▪ Internet Explorer EDGE & 11, Chrome, and FireFox on PC▪ Safari, FireFox, and Chrome on MAC ▪ Safari and Chrome on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) ▪ Chrome for Android

Total Cost Breakdown

Phase 1 → Discovery, new page strategy, CMS strategy


Phase 2 → Webflow Website Design


Phase 3 → QA, Data migration, Hosting Setup


New client cost reduction - %10

- $1,700

Total Cost


Payment Schedules: 
40% due at project start
30% due at 50% project completion
30% due at 100% deliverable/launch


We estimate this project to take an estimated 2.5 months given timely approvals.

The formal SOW to follow will encompass a more detailed timeline created with client feedback to account for any days off or suggestions.

Some of our work

Truly Secure | Microsoft Partner

Strategy, Branding,  Webflow Web Design & Dev, Content, OOH ads, Print Design

Truly Secure is a full-service technology company empowering clients with intelligent cloud, IT, and cybersecurity solutions. As a new entrant in the space, they have the unique opportunity to revitalize a traditional industry, and invited Azai Studios to create their young, yet tech-centered visual identity.

Visit Website


Beyond The Bar

Strategy, Branding, Web App Design Strategy & UI, Content

“Beyond the Bar” is a NYC located company that provides all kinds of sport trainings. When they first contacted us they wanted to create a web app for people outside New York who might want to do sports at home. After long brainstorms the app was designed: an online platform where every user can sign up, watch online streams or just recordings for any sport category.

Before creating the design, our UX specialists provided all the pages with custom-built wireframes for all the pages and responsive view. Basing on the client’s requirements and style guide, we’ve developed a simple yet catchy interface for the platform. The web app is perfectly bootstrapped and highly responsive front-end. As the requirements for the web apps demand mobile-first layout – we’ve paid special attention at this. Every page has a responsive design. No matter what kind of device you’re on: a tablet or a smartphone, Beyond the bar adapts perfectly to all screens and gadgets. The main goal for us was to create an easy to use interface that would help customers to focus on video streaming free from the clutter of complicated navigation

Urban Standard Capital

Strategy, Branding,  Webflow Web Design & Dev, Content, OOH ads, Print Design

We partnered with Urban Standard on the venture to polish their positioning, look, voice, tone, and feel. First, we needed the name to be more "standardized" (no pun intended). Urban Standard Development was condensed so it could evolve and encompass their three verticals of business; financing, acquisitions, and development. Branding research determined that evolving their brand identity, rather than completely changing its name, was the optimal decision. Among the other changes were their logo, tag-lines, brand colors, typography, overall art direction and digital.

Visit Website

Core Team

Harji S.

Founder & Creative Director

Harji has over a decade of experience working in branding, marketing, and content production. He started working in the creative field at visual communication and design agency, where he discovered the ins and outs of branding. He's worked with several noteworthy companies, from Forest City Ratner real estate investment trust, to McLaren Automotive, to Nespresso.

Through his career, Harji was able to work in a wide range of industries spanning from financial services, to real estate, to hospitality, to tech, fashion, automotive, and luxury brands. After working his way up to Creative Director at BBDO group, he ventured onto founding his own Creative Agency. With award-winning work and teams in New York, Dubai, and Riga, his focus remains on working with brands to drive desire.

Krists D.

Design Lead

Krists is a Birmingham City University graduate with 8 years of experience in graphic design, creating visual identities and design systems for various clients both locally and internationally. He is the founder of brand guideline tool Corebook and internationally published project 21wallpaper. Krists joined the Azai Studios team in 2017 and is now the head of Design. Krists is also the studio lead for Azai Studios Riga.

Japna K.

Strategy Lead

With her global media agency experience, Japna brings a diverse background working across multiple disciplines ranging from Research and Consumer Segmentation to Brand strategy and quantifying campaign success through Measurement solutions. She brings years of experience working with an impressive portfolio of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller start-up brands. Japna now handles all client Accounts and Strategy at Azai Studio's New York City office.

Client References

Next Steps ...

Azai Studios will draft a proposal based on the list of required services and send it to the Client main contact person.

Azai Studios works on drafting a full Master Service Agreement and Statement Of Work and sends to client for signature along with 1st invoice.

Project Kickoff meeting.

Interested in learning about our full process? Visit our process page.