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The enclosed material is proprietary to Azai Studios. The material presented in this document may not be disclosed in any form or manner to anyone other than the addressee(s) and employees or authorized representatives of the firm/client.

Welcome Gateway Partners,

Thank you for taking the time to consider Azai Studios as your agency partner.

About us

On the website that follows, we’re pleased to share an overview of our understanding of the opportunity and our initial thoughts on how we could partner together in developing your new brand, digital touchpoints, and its foundational footprint.

Launched in 2015 by Harji Singh, Azai Studios works with people and businesses to help them in the creation or evolution of their brand experience. We at Azai Studios apply creative and technical thought to deliver effective, sustainable, and inspiring design solutions at scale.

Now as a global agency with team members in New York City, Dubai, and Riga, we seek out diverse opportunities that celebrate cultural diversity and expression. Our reach across continents allows us to work in different time zones, and to collaborate with talent from around the world, all to provide our clients with top quality work. We could continue on in agency jargon but we figured we’d get to the important stuff…

Why us?

That's not a thing many agencies brag about, but we love it. We are a tight-knit team. All of us come from larger agency backgrounds, so we’ve seen may pain-points from client-side to agency-side.

We're a small agency, and we're proud of that.

It's not always about the numbers, and we’re only as good as our last project. Working on a smaller scale allows us to say no to the projects that don't fit our ethos. It allows us to be more transparent - because we can.

We learned that when you work with big agencies, a lot of the time there are things that get in the way of simply doing the best work. Being the small lets us keep the focus on the work itself, and away from the mundane. It lets us be less bureaucratic, which enables out-of-the-box thinking.

Being small lets our clients work directly with our account executives and creative directors.

Being small lets us be as lean as our clients, stay fast, always adapt, always be there and on top of things. Startup ethos, enterprise results.

And last but not least, small means more control over the outcome and less bullshit.

You've got some goals, we got some ways to get there

A brand & digital refresh

A memorable and unique website to position Gateway as a trusted industry leader.

A reliable agency partner
that has on-the-ground
experience with financial service companies.

Phases, Deliverables, Costs

Below you'll see a detailed outline of deliverables and fees for the associated activities. In addition, Azai Studios recommends earmarking an estimated $5,000 - $10,500 to put towards additional asset development to be defined mid-way through the project. This can be for additional creative such as motion graphics, illustrations and/or video. We feel that it's important to earmark these funds, and are conscious of the targeted cap for this initial phase of work and establishment of your brand.

For the deliverables listed within this document, Client will pay Azai Studios the following amounts. If additional deliverables or activities are required, additional fees may be incurred. All overages and out-of-pocket expenses will be approved beforehand by Client.

As such, and with interest in a fruitful longterm partnership, Azai Studios would like to extend a 15% special cost reduction on the total to ensure budget availability for key supporting assets.

Phase 1 →
Go-To-Market Strategy

Total Cost $4,500

The Go-To-Market Strategy gives a top level overview of the company's brand, vision, mission, positioning and messaging, in addition to investor/client personas, competitive analysis, industry landscape and marketing strategy.


  • Client to provide all access to historic and current data (analytics, reports, trends and research reports)
  • Agency may need to purchase industry specific reports in order to provide industry specific insights

Full Deliverables

One (1) full brand Creative Brief & Strategy deck

  • Competitor analysis (a look at immediate, luxury, mass and low tier competitors in the marketplace) and industry trends
  • Business Objective
  • Marketing Objective
  • Brand Challenge
  • Market Context
  • Brand Strategy
  • Strategic Insight
  • Brand Mission
  • Brand Slogan
  • Uniqueness
  • Industry Communication
  • Brand Communication Touchpoints
  • Brand Values
  • Target Audience Hypothetical Personas
  • Strategy Execution
  • Brand Messages
  • Customer Journey
  • Communication Activities
  • Activity Planning
  • Activity Split

Phase 2 →
Visual Identity Design

Total Cost $10,500

We'll work together on building a brand identity and collateral that stands out in the marketplace. This phase aims to set the look and feel of the brand and how that rolls out across all digital, print, and experiential touchpoints. We want to create a brand system that can grow with the organization. Azai Studios builds out a fully custom digital brand guidelines which our clients can access at anytime.

Below is a link to our most recent digital brand guideline example.



  • Two (2) rounds of revision provided per presentation.
  • Client provides budget of what they wish to spend on printing and signage fabrication so Agency can specify the correct paper and production vendor.
  • Art buying as needed.
  • Written client feedback at each round, including a selection of a direction following round 1 and final acceptance upon 3rd round.

Full Deliverables

Visual Identity Design 

This essential step will help us set the direction for the visual identity, and allow you to collaborate with our process at a very early stage.

  • R1 - Three (3) separate brand direction moodboards showcasing illustrations, typography, logo directions, art direction, color palettes and other design elements to create the visual identity. A visual concept of your brand's voice/tone and look/feel filtered through three different stylescapes.
  • R2 - Further exploration of chosen direction, and incorporation of feedback
  • R3 - Refinement and finalization of brand visual identity

Digital Brand Guidelines 

Azai Studios converts the visual design system into a practical usage guideline showcasing all aspects of the newly developed brand.       

  • One (1) personalized website with access to all brand assets

Brand collateral, print, and fabrication design

  • Two (2) options for business cards, letterheads, notecards
  • One (1) option for branded marketing flyers, presentation decks.
  • Preparation of all files for production

Phase 3 →
Web Design

Total Cost $9,500

We will take the defined goals from our strategy and apply them to the new website to showcase the company's story, show current investments and team, and seamlessly integrate social feeds and Newsletter sign-up functionality with additional focus on UX best practices and SEO optimization. The website will be designed for future-proof additions in mind.

The new website will feature the new visual identity created in Phase 2. 


  • One (1) Round of revision of design files. Written client feedback at each round.
  • Copywriting for each section to be provided by client.
  • Client provides all website content, imagery, assets, and any other materials we deem necessary.

Full Deliverables

Website Design & Prototype

We will conduct a full website audit to suggest the best layout and website practices. Azai Studios will work alongside the Gateway team to ensure all pages are accounted for and organized in the most systemic way possible. Azai Studios may suggest new website flows to improve overall design and outcome.  

Stage 1 -- Website architecture & flow
Stage 2 -- Website wireframes
Stage 3 -- Website hi-fidelity design incorporating all visual elements and copy. Hi-fi design will are prototyped to showcase website flow.

  • One (1) full website architecture presentation
  • One (1) full website wireframe
  • Fully designed & prototyped website
  • Full list of suggested pages and functionality below

Site architecture to follow current site architecture of

Home page

About page

Fund Page

Team Page

Media/press Page

Contact Page

Azai Studios

Phase 4 →
Website Development

Total Cost $10,500

After we have full approvals on our website designs, our team will begin coding the website and connecting it to the appropriate CMS Platform. 


  • Client has full understanding of different CMS platforms and has made an educated decision. Azai Studios will provide CMS options.
  • Client has full sign off on all page designs
  • Hosting & maintenance billed separately at a monthly to-be-determined rate

Full Deliverables

Full Website Development

The second phase will consist of developing the website designs with full visual identity and  photography.

  • One (1) fully developed website incorporating all pages from design phase
  • Fully responsive website
  • QA Testing
  • SEO Checklists
  • Content Entry
  • Analytics connections & integrations
  • Hosting & maintenance billed separately

Suggested Add-on →
Organic Asset Production

Total Cost $5,000 - $15,000

For the brand to fully come to life, the content needs to breathe and live within the new brand ethos. Everything, from the brand imagery to the branded lifestyle videos, needs to be strategically incorporated to visually tell a story that should drive customer desire. All organic assets are aimed to be used for website and social media content. 


  • Agency handles all production, casting, communications, coordination, on-set art direction, storyboarding and shot lists.
  • Client responsible for all talent costs. Azai Studios will provide a list of talent for client to choose from with our advice. Talent costs are variable and start from $1,500 pending face and usage rights.
  • Client responsible for all location costs, fees, and permits associated with shoots. Azai Studios will coordinate any fees and pass along all costs.

Full Deliverables

Photography - Corporate Shoot

Azai Studios will art direct a full lifestyle photoshoot corporate showcasing the company, its offices and culture.

  • Up to a maximum of 20 corporate photos with full rights usage
  • Presentation of Art Direction concepts.
  • Pre-Production (planning and organizing shoot)
  • Production (on-set oversight and execution of creative)
  • Post-Production (retouching and asset organization)

Cinematography - B-roll

B-roll of office video if applicable. B-roll of cities if applicable.

  • Pre-Production (planning and organizing shoot)
  • Production (on-set oversight and execution of creative)
  • Post-Production (retouching and asset organization)

Art Directed Stock content

Azai Studios will curated onbrand stock photography to suit needs of brand and project.

  • Stock photo research
  • Stock video research
  • Color correction
  • Video editing

*All stock pricing will vary on photo/video selected by client.

Total Cost Breakdown

Phase 1 → Strategy


Phase 2 → Visual identity Design


Phase 3 → Web Design


Phase 4 → Web Development


Total Fixed Costs →


Partnership Cost Reduction of 15%

- $5,250

Final Fixed Costs →


+ Optional Content Production

$5,000 - $12,500

Payment Schedules: 
40% due at project start
40% due at 50% project completion
20% due at 100% deliverable/launch


We estimate this project to take a total of 16 weeks given timely approvals.

Attached below is a preliminary timeline. The formal SOW to follow will encompass a more detailed timeline created with client feedback to account for any days off or suggestions. 

Some of our work

Urban Standard Capital | NYC

Strategy, Branding,  Web Design, Content, OOH ads, Print Design

We partnered with Urban Standard on the venture to polish their positioning, look, voice, tone, and feel. First, we needed the name to be more "standardized" (no pun intended). Urban Standard Development was condensed so it could evolve and encompass their three verticals of business; financing, acquisitions, and development. Branding research determined that evolving their brand identity, rather than completely changing its name, was the optimal decision. Among the other changes were their logo, tag-lines, brand colors, typography, overall art direction and digital.

Visit Website

360 Capital

Strategy, Branding, Web Design, Content

360 Capital is a venture capital firm from Australia. We were commissioned to assist on branding the firm and creating the several touchpoint materials to tell the company's story visually.

We collaborated on creating a full visual identity that was modular and expandable to encompass all aspects of the organization. Their identity was then transferred to their website and all digital assets.

Visit Website

Other Selected Work

Client References

Next Steps ...

Azai Studios will draft a proposal based on the list of required services and send it to the Reshape Holdings contact person.

Azai Studios works on drafting a full Master Service Agreement and Statement Of Work and sends to client for signature along with 1st invoice.

Project Kickoff meeting.

Interested in learning about our full process? Visit our process page.