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The enclosed material is proprietary to Azai Studios. The material presented in this document may not be disclosed in any form or manner to anyone other than the addressee(s) and employees or authorized representatives of the firm/client.


Thank you for taking the time to consider Azai Studios as your agency partner. Feel free to quickly jump to a section.

Let's start off with what you want to know ...

1. Our experience working with D2C brands.

Our agency launched in 2015, when we worked mainly on high-end luxury brands and hospitality brands. Learning how to market to customers in that space is one of the most challenging things to do, as that more high-end market has particular needs that we must meet.

That space allowed us to create brands that stand out. Towards the beginning of 2018, we started receiving multiple RFPs from startups and D2C brands who had seen some of our work and wanted us to apply our same tastes, preferences, and process to their organizations. From startups to companies like Ritual Health to Ivira, it allowed us to evolve their brands and market share through strategic visuals.

2. What is our approach to performing industry + competitive research?

Our team does an immersive deep dive into every industry during our engagements. We will explore everything from how the competition positions themselves, their "why," and how they acquire new customers.

Research Phase 1

  • Identify key competitors 
  • Identify their brand positioning and the "why."
  • Conduct full brand audits
  • Determine competition market share (impact on search / social / industry)

Research Phase 2

  • Reach out to identified competition as a potential customer to find out pricing and sales process
  • Obtain sales pitches and decks and identify where new opportunities reside for us to stand out

Research Phase 3

  • Brand Strategy workshops

3. What is our approach to developing go-to-market strategies?

Our team will lead our brand strategy workshops, which help us define the brand's new positioning, strategy, target, brand narrative, and GTM strategy.

  1. Defining your business case: Why does the product/service exist, and what will our customers gain from it?
  2. Define your market strategy: Positioning, Messaging, Identify Sales and support materials, Customer journey, Personas, Use Cases
  3. Review your pricing strategy: How much will you charge for your product and why?
  4. Create your external marketing plan: New Branding, New website, Identify content needed, Identify how we will drive leads, Identify all paid media channels
  5. Identify the GTM rollout timeline and budget. 

4. What is our branding/rebranding process?

Strategy Phase 1.1 → Research, Naming, Brand Strategy Workshops, Positioning, Messaging, and Tone

Branding Phase 1.2 → Visual Identity Design, Brand Application Design

Full breakdown below in Phase Sections

5. What makes us different from our competitors? Why do we think we are the best firm for the project?

We're not a 50+ person agency that runs through bureaucratic processes to get things done. We prefer to work with brands and products that we believe can make a difference. Being a smaller agency lets us give our full attention to our current clients.

Our team brings over a decade of experience in brand development and product design/dev. We have a startup mentality, which means we can be as agile as our clients need us to be, yet we deliver enterprise-level results. We can weave into organizations and let our clients feel as if we are part of their internal team.

We are the best fit because alongside our Agency model, we also invest in companies ourselves. We know what it takes to build a business from the ground up and how to hit both business and marketing goals. We understand that good branding is more than a cool logo or a font -- good design should solve problems and move the needle.

6. About your leadership and creative team members who would be on this project

Our agency follows a Hybrid Scaling Model. We have a core team of 8 multi-disciplinary individuals and scale up to more team members through our tightly knit network of freelancers who are broken down by industry type.

Leadership team

Harji Singh - Creative Director
Polina Gordovich - Accounts
Savannah West - Design
Japna Kaur - Strategy

7. What tools and/or processes will we use for project management

Our entire agency is built on refined processes which allow for complete transparency and efficiency. For all our projects, tasks, and goals, we use Monday.

We've done workshops at Monday.com's offices on how our agency runs projects. Typically we create a shared dashboard that allows our clients to view at any time what is happening inside of a project. Interested in seeing a sample setup project? Have a look here -- https://view.monday.com/500804759-614e0c69a3b9ca17ef8779d8e6248ce0

For all day-to-day communication with our clients, we create a cross-account Slack Channel.

8. What we'll require from your team throughout this project

First, we'll require a single point of contact for approval. Too often, we've seen companies with too many chefs in the kitchen, which can cause delays and endless revisions.

Secondly, we'll need your team to give a complete insight into how your business runs, from your business model to your current pain points. We invest in companies ourselves; therefore would like to identify areas where we can help.

We'll need you and your team to dive into this engagement with an open mind to design. At the end of the day, companies hire us for our taste and knowledge that will help make them stand out.

Lastly, we'll need your team to understand that we are not simply direction takers. If you are looking for an agency that will make a brand exactly the way you want it or create a brand similar to your competitors, we will not be a good fit for this project.

Okay, you've made it this far, let's talk timing...

Project setup & kickoff:

1.5 weeks


2.5 weeks

Identity & Brand on Application:

4 - 5 weeks


 5 - 6 Weeks

This estimate is given with timely approvals. The formal SOW to follow will encompass a more detailed timeline created with client feedback to account for any days off or suggestions. At project kick off, our team provides a fully web-based interactive timeline gantt chart.

Full interactive timeline delivered upon SOW draft.

Estimated Investment

Below you'll see a detailed outline of deliverables and fees for the associated activities. In addition, Azai Studios recommends earmarking an estimated $15,000 - $35,500 to put towards additional asset development to be defined mid-way through the project. This can be for additional creative such as motion graphics, illustrations and/or video. We feel that it's important to earmark these funds, and are conscious of the targeted cap for this initial phase of work and establishment of your brand.

Phase Approach
Phase 1.0 - Brand Strategy
2.5 Weeks
Phase 2.0 - Branding & Brand on application
4- 5 Weeks
Phase 3.0 - UX/UI Design
4 Weeks
Phase 4.0 - Web Development
4 Weeks
Total Engagement
4.5 Months
Suggested Add Ons
Phase 5.0 - Activation
Monthly retainer / detail upon request
Brand illustrations & iconography
Up to 10 final illustrations
Starting at $12,500
Photography / 3D / CGI animations
Up to 10 final brand assets
Starting at $25,000
Payment Schedules: 
40% due at project start
30% due at 50% project completion
30% due at 100% deliverable/launch

Phase Breakdown

Phase 1.0

Research, Brand Strategy, Positioning, Messaging and Tone

Our goal here is to weave our team into your organization to understand who, what, and how it all works. Discovery, brand strategy and positioning gives our team a level overview of the company's current inner workings. During this phase, we set out to define the overall brand, vision, mission, positioning and messaging, in addition to client personas, competitive analysis, industry landscape, and brand strategy.


View Full Deliverables

(1) Azai Studios Strategy Workshop

(1) One creative brief

(1) One strategy deck

  • Competitor analysis (a look at immediate, mass and low tier competitors in the marketplace) and industry trends
  • Brand content audit
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Current client / customer interviews
  • Business Objective
  • Marketing Objective
  • Brand Challenge
  • Market Context
  • Brand Mission
  • Brand Slogan
  • Uniqueness
  • Industry Communication
  • Brand Communication Touchpoints
  • Brand Values
  • Target Audience Hypothetical Personas
  • Go-to-market & launch plan
  • Communication Activity Audit


Otto Hotels Brand Strategy →Gateway Partners Brand Strategy →Ivira Health Brand Strategy →

Phase 2

Visual Identity Design, Brand Application & Package Design, Digital Guidelines, Branded Illustrations & Assets

We'll work together on building a brand identity and collateral that stands out in the marketplace. This phase aims to set the look and feel of the brand and how that rolls out across all digital, print, and experiential touchpoints. We want to create a brand system that can grow with the organization. Azai Studios builds out a fully custom digital brand guidelines which our clients can access at anytime.


View Full Deliverables

2.1 Visual Identity Design 

This essential step will help us set the direction for the visual identity, and allow you to collaborate with our process at a very early stage. The visual identity will be a complete refresh of the company's logo systems, typography guidelines, color palettes, brand patterns, visual principals, art direction, and any other brand element necessary to tell the company's visual story.

  • R1 - Three (3) separate brand direction showcasing illustrations, typography, logo directions, art direction, color palettes and other design elements to create the visual identity. These directions will showcase all different touch points, from digital to print. A visual concept of your brand's voice/tone and look/feel filtered through three different stylescapes.
  • R2 - Further exploration of chosen direction, and incorporation of feedback
  • R3 - Refinement and finalization of brand visual identity

2.2 Digital Brand Guidelines 

Azai Studios converts the visual design system into a practical usage guideline showcasing all aspects of the newly developed brand.    


  • One (1) personalized website with access to all brand assets
  • Overview
  • Logo
  • Product Branding
  • Principals Guides and Usage (brand grids)
  • Color Guides and Usage
  • Typography Guides and Usage
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Brand Illustrations
  • Product illustrations
  • Icons & infographics
  • Motion & Video Principals
  • Branded Asset Showcase

2.3 Brand collateral, print, and fabrication design

  • One (1) option for business cards, letterheads, notecards
  • One (1) option for package design if applicable to project
  • One (1) option for branded email templates if applicable to project
  • One (1) option for marketing flyer design if applicable to project
  • One (1) option for branded apparel and bags if applicable to project
  • One (1) option for email signatures if applicable to project
  • One (1) option for Facebook, Telegram, Discord, Instagram, Linkedin, Medium profile assets if applicable to project
  • Preparation of all files for production

2.4 Branded Assets

  • Up to (8) option for icons, or
  • Up to 5 illustrations, or
  • Up to 5 3D illustrations, or
  • Up to 3 Branded Animations


Password: azai123
Gateway Partners  →Latvia World Expo →Microsoft Truly Secure →Greenhouse →LOKI Seltzers →Villa Copenhagen →

Phase 3

UX, Content Strategy & UI Web Design

We will take the defined goals from our strategy and apply them to the a website to showcase brand's story, products, services and/or features. We will seamlessly integrate any data feeds, newsletter sign-ups, and api functionality with additional focus on UX best practices and SEO optimization. The website will be designed with future-proof additions in mind.

The new website will feature the new visual identity created in Phase 1.2. 


View Full Deliverables

Website Prototype & Designs

We will conduct a full website audit to suggest the best layout and website practices. Azai Studios will work alongside the client's team to ensure all pages are accounted for and organized in the most systematic way possible. Azai Studios may suggest new website flows to improve overall design and outcome based on best UX practices.

Stage 1 -- Website architecture & user flows
Stage 2 -- Website wireframes & Content Strategy for imagery, copy and video
Stage 3 -- Website hi-fidelity design incorporating all visual elements and copy. Hi-fi design are prototyped to showcase website's flow.

  • Design alignment exercise: review of competitor and relevant websites and discussions on UX patterns and aesthetics
  • Up to a maximum of 8 dynamic website pages
  • One (1) full website architecture presentation in Figma
  • One (1) full clickable website wireframe in Figma
  • One (1) full UI design Kit & Library in Figma
  • Fully designed hi-fi prototyped website with micro-interactions
  • Creative concept presentation featuring 2 options for Home and Product Detail Page; Client selects direction and provides feedback
  • Revise based on feedback and apply selected creative direction to all other pages present to Client and gather feedback; revise for up to 2 rounds and finalize all designs

Phase 4

E-commerce Website Development

After we have full approvals on website designs, our team will begin coding the website and connecting it to the appropriate CMS Platform. Project estimates are based on Webflow, or Headless CMS + custom React (Web3 Friendly) based development.


View Full Deliverables

Full Website Development

The development phase will consist of building the website based off of the approved hi-fidelity design. and selected content. We will set up a testing environment to push changes and updates as they progress.

  • Code approved designs as custom theme
  • Set up custom fields where necessary for intuitive content management
  • Fully responsive website
  • QA Testing, Cross browser testing
  • CMS setup
  • SEO Checklists
  • Content Entry & Migration
  • Analytics connections & integrations
  • CMS training
  • Hosting & maintenance billed separately
  • Coordinate with Client to populate all content on the website including copy and images; provide training to Client so that Client can use Shopify to manage page content
  • QA testing: browser/device compatibility (see “Browser & OS Compatibility Testing), functionality, and performance
  • Pre-launch prep
  • Coordinate launch day activities (DNS settings)
  • Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and ad pixel tracking
  • Search engine optimization and Google Search Console setup
  • Up to 2 weeks of post-launch support to fix any bugs or to provide additional training

À la carte services

For brands to fully come to life, the content needs to breathe and live within the new brand ethos. Everything from the brand imagery to the branded lifestyle videos needs to be strategically incorporated to visually tell a story that should drive customer desire. All organic assets are aimed to be used for website content, socials and advertising.

Full Marketing Campagins

Sometimes we step back in after launch. From major brand campaigns, to product and retail expansions, new verticals and more: we support growth through brand-defining moments.

Phases can include:
New Product Rollout
Retail Expansion

Ecom Photoshoots


Good for similar products and compositions. Typically yields up to 10 images.

Starts at $6,000

*Recommended*Good for similar products with unique compositions. Typically yields up to 15 images.

Starts at $7,500

Good for unique products with unique compositions. Includes up to 25 images.

Starts at $11,000

Creative direction and planning
Image retouching
Fixed camera with lighting adjustments for product variations
Single environment: White/colored seamless or textured surface
Usage terms to follow in contract

Additional Fees
Location & Studio rental

Lifestyle Photoshoots


Good for similar products and compositions. Typically yields up to 10 images.

Starts at $7,500

*Recommended *Good for similar products with unique compositions. Typically yields up to 15 images.

Starts at $9,500

Good for unique products with unique compositions. Includes up to 25 images.

Starts at $12,500

Creative direction and planning
Image retouching
Fixed camera with lighting adjustments for product variations
Location: + $ Additional studio rental time
Single environment: White/colored seamless or textured surface
Usage terms to follow in contract

Additional Fees
Location & Studio rental
Talent and model fees



Starts at $9,500

Starts at $15,500

Starts at $22,500

Full cost breakdown provided after concept
+ Location & Studio rental
+ Talent and model fees

3D Animations & Renderings

3D Brand Animations

Branded animations add a new layer of interactiveness to a brand. Cost breakdown is per second of animation.

Starts at $550/second at 15 second minimum

Pricing and scope estimate upon initial discovery call



Strategy, Visual Identity Design, Package Design, Website & Digital Marketing

Ritual is new kind of health technology company that’s reinventing the products that women use every single day. Their debut product—an essential daily vitamin—boasts completely traceable and transparent ingredients so you know exactly what you’re swallowing.

The founder was looking for soup-to-nuts creative vision and execution for the brand identity, website, packaging and art direction. There was much to do so we brought on a friend and fellow designer, Jess Yan, to help build out Ritual's launch alongside us. As Ritual grew, we led all creative fronts as Creative Director to help scale the company and fortify the brand and customer journey. We continue to build Ritual today as consultant on high-level initiatives and campaigns.

Visit Website

Conserva Collective

Strategy, Branding, E-commerce Web Design, Art direction, Package Design, Content

Along side the brands internal creative teams, Azai Studios was awarded the opportunity to re-vamp Conserva Collective's brand, product and digital presence. Our team took on this project with a new brand strategy, positioning, a fresh visual identity, art directed content, and a fully custom e-commerce platform. Tying it all to speak to their customer was the primary goal of this brief. Outcome? With an above-average conversion rate, their new brand and e-commerce increased sales by over 44% within the first two quarters.


Conserva Collective had a 10x multiple on their branding investment. An above industry avg 4.78% Conversion Rate | < 35% Bounce Rate

LOKI Seltzers

Strategy, Visual identity Design, Package Design, Product Photography, Website & Digital Marketing

Visit Website

OM Cosmetics

Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Package Design, Website Design

OM is a high-quality, clean beauty cosmetics brand that develops and produces all of its products in southern Germany. They approached us to create a comprehensive corporate identity including brand strategy and narrative, packaging and content creation for their first skincare range. It was important that we channel the quality and purity of the ingredients in the components that make up the brand. From the beginning, we wanted to create an identity that would put all the weight on the quality of materials, be as transparent and natural as possible, and would invite scrutiny and deconstruction. A somewhat architectural approach.

Svea Solar

Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Website Design

The current visual language of sustainability and green energy is built on clichés. Sweden's biggest solar energy company - SVEASolar wanted to position away from this, giving us an opportunity to fully rebrand SVEA and provide a new strategic angle - PowerShift. Agencies partnered to developed a distinct visual system playing with the notion of ‘power’. This allowed them to create a suite of visual assets that are fresh, bright and forward thinking. Combining the bright electric visual style with the bold product imagery allowed SVEA Solar to sit strategically between creativity and technology. The creative was rolled out across all channels, including the digital platform, brand platform, copywriting, the app and product imagery.

Visit Web App


Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Website Design

TTP is an independent technology company where scientists and engineers collaborate to invent, design and develop new products and technologies. TTP works across a broad spectrum of industries and creates breakthrough solutions that bring strong commercial value to clients and the benefits of technology to all.

Since launch, engagement has increased significantly with 208% more page views, 54% more users, and an 89% increase in average session duration.

Visit Web App


Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Content, Website Design

Marker is a biotech company utilizing the latest medical advances in biomarkers and treatment to detect, measure and treat numerous medical conditions early. Their signature products include the world’s first clinical test to detect traumatic brain injuries (concussions) and a device to treat life-threatening inflammation. The company was developed out of research conducted in the UK and technology developed on the west coast of the USA.

We were assigned to develop the a holistic brand experience from scratch by developing name, brand platform, visual identity and digital presence. Please find more information about the new brand on markerhealth.co.

Photography: Greg White

Core Team

We're small, and we're proud.

Each team member comes from a creative background, so we've seen many pain-points from client-side to agency-side.

Being  small lets us keep the focus on the work itself, and away from the mundane. It allows us to be less bureaucratic, which enables out-of-the-box thinking.

Harji Singh
Creative Director
William Mobayed
Poli Gordovich
Accounts & Strategy
Savannah West
Japna Kaur
Brand Strategy
Andrew Blec
Technology Lead
Andrew Parker
Content Production Lead
Joseph Simon
Events Lead
+ Our trusted network
of industry leading freelance specialists

About us

Launched in 2015, Azai Studios works with people and businesses to help them in the creation or evolution of their brand experience. We at Azai Studios apply creative and technical thought to deliver effective, sustainable, and inspiring design solutions at scale.

Now as a global agency with team members in New York City, Dubai, and Riga, we seek out diverse opportunities that celebrate cultural diversity and expression. Our reach across continents allows us to work in different time zones, and to collaborate with talent from around the world, all to provide our clients with top quality work. We could continue on in agency jargon but we figured we’d get to the important stuff…

Why us?

We're a small agency, and we're proud of that.

It's not always about the numbers, and we’re only as good as our last project. It lets us to say no to the projects that don't fit our ethos and allows us to be more transparent - because we can.

That's not a thing many agencies brag about, but we love it. We are a tight-knit team. All of us come from larger agency backgrounds, so we’ve seen may pain-points from client-side to agency-side.

We learned that when you work with big agencies, a lot of the time there are things that get in the way of simply doing the best work. Being the small lets us keep the focus on the work itself, and away from the mundane. It lets us be less bureaucratic, which enables out-of-the-box thinking.

Being small lets our clients work directly with our account executives and creative directors.

Being agile lets us be as lean as our clients, stay fast, always adapt, always be there and on top of things. Startup ethos, enterprise results.

Being global allows us to leverage our network of professionals to ensure every project is a home run hit.

Client References

Next Steps ...

Azai Studios will draft a proposal based on the list of required services and send it to the Client main contact person.

Azai Studios works on drafting a full Master Service Agreement and Statement Of Work and sends to client for signature along with 1st invoice.

Project Kickoff meeting.