Hotel Chantelle

Strategy • Brand Identity • Web Design • Content Production

A Parisian styled eatery by day and a nightclub by night, located New York City’s Lower East Side, reaches out to Azai Studios for a digital refresher. They wanted to build upon their brand identity to give it that missing dose of cool.

HC: "How can we take what we have now, and rebrand it to speak to our current clientele? We want to be that fuckin' cool spot in the lower east side you tell your friends about." AS: "You've got something really great here, and we need the world to see how great it is. We're going to do that with strategically developed content that can be displayed across all mediums. We want to showcase all this on a fresh, eye-catching website. We are going to focus on your core strengths, and highlight those. We will take everything from the colors in the space to the drinks being made, and incorporate that within your digital identity." HC: "Let's do it..."