City of Liepaja

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The city of Liepaja, on the western coast of Latvia, boasts stunning beaches, an active sports scene, vibrant culture, and of course, a constant sea breeze. In an effort to bring more people to the city during the summer months, the city worked with us to create a seasonal campaign matching locals with visitors for cultural experiences and recommendations. So go ahead, get blown away by Liepaja.


An invitation to the sea

Out of home posters in surrounding towns feature our central graphic, a series of lines representing the wind of the sea, along with a personal invitation from the Liepajans. The flexibility of this mini brand identity allows for cohesion across any touchpoint.


The sound of Liepaja

By animating the visual identity of the campaign, and adding the sound of a building breeze, the concept can live across digital mediums with added richness. 


A hometown identity

The iconic visual identity of this campaign allows for use on apparel as well as across social media, giving the Liepajans an opportunity to represent their home and welcome visitors to their city by the sea. 

The wind blows across Latvia

We worked alongside the hospitality company's team to brand a harmonious identity. The wordmark and graphical elements set a tone of elegance. Hand selected textures and quality materials are used throughout every touchpoint to capture the notion of care, craftsmanship and utility. An absence of ostentatious elements serves to formulate an timeless sense of appearance.