City of Saulkrasti

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Saulkrasti, Latvian for sun shores, is a seaside town on the Gulf of Riga. Surrounded by the sea and forest, the culture embraces the coming and going of the sun and the people live with a strong connection to nature. We were tasked with creating a visual identity for the city that reflects those shared values.

Embracing a city’s identity

The sun shines on Saulkrasti

Sun is central to the identity of the Saulkrasti people. With three months of the year seeing barely any daylight, the rhythm of the sun dictates life. We focused on the sun in creating the city’s logo because even when it’s not shining, the sun is an ever-present aspect of Saulkrasti life.


Colors of the north

In choosing brand colors for Saulkrasti, we looked to the natural world for inspiration. By capturing the elements of the city that the people are most connected to, we were able to create a color palette that feels true to the experience of walking through the beautiful Saulkrasti parks and beaches. 


Extending the rays of a city

The Saulkrasti city identity is versatile in use, with the sun rays of the logo acting as graphic elements on their own. Separating the rays in creative ways allows us to express the city’s identity in more intelligent and creative ways.


Collaboration creates cohesion

In talking with the people of Saulkrasti, we developed our visual strategy, as well as the new city tagline: In the rhythm of the sun. We discovered the city’s values of peace, family, sustainability, and nature, and carried them into every brand touchpoint.


Wayfinding through icons

With a library of icons and the tools needed to create more in the same style, the city of Saulkrasti is equipped to point visitors and locals in the right direction.

Bring the sun home with you.

Beautiful on its own, the Saulkrasti logo is a souvenir worth keeping.

Brand guidelines for a modern city

By delivering brand guidelines as a user-friendly website, we create self-sufficiency and independence for our clients. The city of Saulkrasti can take their new brand identity with them into the future.

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