CRE8 Development Group

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Creative property development is rarely a true creative enterprise, but CRE8 Development Group is getting it right. With integration of commissioned artwork, material craftsmanship, and modern simplicity, CRE8 develops truly unique properties, and we set out to create a brand identity and customer experience to match.

Custom logo and naming

CRE is short for “commercial real estate,” and the number eight represents good fortune in Chinese culture. By combining these elements in a brick-like wordmark, we created a custom logo that tells the story of this creative company. 


A website with more than one story

The CRE8 Development Group website serves two audiences—buyers and investors. By letting buyers know who they are as a company, CRE8 can attract choosy buyers who value craftsmanship and design. And with a backend portal for investors to check up on the properties they’ve invested in, a new standard for trust and transparency is set in the real estate space.


Not just a contract

When CRE8 sends a contract to a new buyer or investor, they’re sending a promise. Our stationery design gives weight to this moment and treats it as the essential consumer touchpoint that it is.

Wayfinding and office signage

Entering the CRE8 office in Brooklyn, New York feels like entering one of their creatively designed properties. Artful wayfinding on the outside of the building signal the company name with a large number eight, and digital screens inside the office beautifully lead guests along their way.