Hotel Chantelle

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Built inside a historic hotel in New York City, Hotel Chantelle is an authentic Parisian eatery that turns into one of the Lower East Side’s most iconic nightclubs after hours. The team came to us for a digital refresher to build upon their existing identity while infusing a missing dose of cool.

A hotel? A restaurant? A nightclub?

Showing New Yorkers both sides of Hotel Chantelle, while retaining its air of mystery, drove the creation of this simple logo featuring the typeface from the historic hotel. That mission also dictated our brand strategy to give people a glimpse into what it’s like to spend time in the space, both during the day and at night.


Here is how the conversation went

HC: "How can we take what we have now, and rebrand it to speak to our current clientele? We want to be that fuckin' cool spot in the lower east side you tell your friends about." 

AS: "You’ve already created something amazing, we just need the city to see it. We’ll do that with strategic content that you can push out across every medium and we’ll center it all around fresh, eye-catching website. By focusing on your core strengths—from the colors in the space to the drinks being made—we’ll create a cohesive identity that is unique to you. 


C: "Let's do it..."

Step inside Hotel Chantelle

One of the biggest challenges that restaurants and entertainment spaces face is advertising an intangible feeling or atmosphere. By creating lifestyle videos that get to the heart of what it’s like to step inside the space, we invite New Yorkers to see themselves and their friends connecting over shared experiences.


An invitation to stay day and night

In addition to print and stationery, the Hotel Chantelle website acts as an invitation to come try the food, experience the nightclub, and see for themselves how much they truly belong.