LOKI Seltzers

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Vertical - Consumer Packaged Goods / Cannabis

WTF is an Enhanced Seltzer? Say hello to LOKI, the Delta 8 Seltzer with "Better Buzz." Azai Studios partnered with LOKI Seltzers on a whole new category of beverage disrupting the market.

We help design the first Delta-8 THC Seltzer and went from idea to market in less than 4 months.

People drink for many reasons, and flavor is just one. Our strategy for this brand was built around representing LOKI as the future of non-alcoholic beverages. A delicious, sociable drink infused with Delta-8, that leaves consumers feeling creative and inspired. Welcome to the world of Enhanced Seltzers.

We did our research, and brought innovators and creative thinkers together, to craft a unique seltzer brand and experience your mind can sense after just one serving. This low calorie and uplifting beverage was positioned to fit into your life as a euphoric alternative to alcohol, that keeps you creative, social, and immersed in the moment.

Our experiences in life are what make each one of us unique. 

"Sip the experience, keep it LOKI," was the brand narrative to drive this beverage forward


After launch, LOKI choose Azai Studios as agency of record.

The results? 

From paid media to experiential marketing our marketing campaigns produced a 105% ROI.