Brand Identity Design • Website Design • Web Development

RIYA is a New York clothing brand named for the founder herself. With approachable yet luxury garments featuring traditional Indian sewing and embroidery techniques, RIYA is designed for the sophisticated and boho-chic woman. We developed the brand’s visual identity, including the website, photography, branded films, and customer journey.

An artisanal wordmark for a handcrafted brand

The RIYA logotype is a custom wordmark that is simple and feminine. The curve in the R is reflected in both stems of the Y, which creates a delicate balance between luxury, tradition, and artisanal craftsmanship. Contrast within the letterforms makes the wordmark feel elegant and fashion-focused.


Branded customer journey

For direct-to-consumer purchases, all clothing items came in a custom made bag showcasing the brand's identity. The receipt is then housed in a beautiful scarlet envelope which reiterates the company's purpose.


A digital space for human connection

The RIYA eCommerce platform acts as the central hub for consumers to shop, get to know the brand, and experience the lifestyle through impactful photography and video. The full-screen digital experience utilizes Shopify for seamless shopping, and the fully responsive desktop and mobile sites tie everything back to the brand’s new, elegant visual identity.