Microsoft Truly Secure

Strategy • Identity Design • Webflow Website Design • Motion Graphics

Truly Secure is a full-service technology company empowering clients with intelligent cloud, IT, and cybersecurity solutions. As a new entrant in the space, they have the unique opportunity to revitalize a traditional industry, and invited Azai Studios to create their young, yet tech-centered visual identity.

Out with the old

By taking a fun approach to the logo design, we were able to give Truly Secure a brand identity that reflects their youthful energy alongside serious tech solutions. With the basis of a Spartan shield, the logo represents the blocking of invaders from their client’s businesses.

Iconography across verticals

We created engaging icons for every area of Truly Secure’s business. Whether it’s cloud computing, cybersecurity, or DevOps, an animated set of icons gives new life to traditionally dull experiences.


Corporate stationery, unexpected vibrance

By combining traditional typography styles with exciting and eye-catching colors, the Truly Secure story comes through in business cards and stationery.


The organism of a brand system

Everywhere the Truly Secure brand appears is an opportunity for connection. Connection to customers, employees, and back to the brand itself. The entire brand ecosystem connects back to itself, creating a seamless experience.


Without culture, there is no brand

Culture is a reflection of brand, and brand is a reflection of culture. By getting to know the people inside a company, we find new ways to let the brand live within the organization.