Who - What - Why

Design shouldn't just look pretty. It should solve problems and drive results.

We're a small team that is as agile as a startup yet delivers enterprise-level results. Our skill sets give us a unique capacity to help organizations lead engagements end-to-end, from the brand strategy to customer acquisition.

We deliver a strategy, design brands, create websites, build apps, launch campaigns, tell stories, and more. We understand that a brand is more than just a logo or a cool font; we see it as a process of strategy and design working together in harmony to create something memorable.

Our process on a full-service engagement

Phase 1 Understand

Discovery & Research →

  • Brand positioning analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Requirement harvest
  • User/customer analysis & research

Phase 2 Strategize

Brand Strategy & Positioning →

  • Brand naming & positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Product naming
  • Brand voice & messaging
  • Product packaging strategy
  • Publishing strategy
  • Go-to-market strategy

Phase 3 Brand

Branding, Identity, and Brand On Application →

  • Logo design
  • Full branding systems (colors, type, patterns, elements)
  • Brand standardization
  • Brand application design (print & digital)
  • Digital brand guidelines portal
  • Print design
  • Product package design
  • Wayfinding design
  • Motion design

Phase 4 Create

UX & Content Production →

  • Website sitemap & architecture
  • Website wireframing
  • Website content strategy
  • Full website design & prototyping (UI/UX)
  • User flow analysis
  • Content strategy
  • Pre-production
  • Storyboarding
  • Post-production
  • Art direction
  • Product photography (studio & location-based)
  • Videography
  • Branded films
  • Advertising campaigns
  • 3D, CGI, VFX, & motion graphics

Phase 5 Digital

UI Design & Dev →

  • Full website design & prototyping (UI)
  • Mobile app design
  • Full-stack website development
  • E-commerce development (Shopify)
  • Webflow Design & Develoment (Client First)
  • Content management systems
  • Hosting & maintenance

Phase 6 Market

Digital Marketing →

  • Dedicated Marketing Managers
  • Social media account setup & management
  • Industry Insights & strategy
  • Branded social content
  • OOH advertising design
  • SEO, SEM, PPC marketing

Thats cool and all, but how much does it cost?

Well, it really It depends on the level of the scope, complexity, and what we will deliver at the end of the engagement, let's start a conversation?

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with a polymathic

We're small, and we're proud.

Each team member comes from a creative background, so we've seen many pain-points from client-side to agency-side.

Being  small lets us keep the focus on the work itself, and away from the mundane. It allows us to be less bureaucratic, which enables out-of-the-box thinking.

Harji Singh
Creative Director
Poli Gordovich
Savannah West
Sav Banerjee
CX & Omnichannel Growth
Dhruv Sachdev
Andrew Parker
Content Production
William Mobayed
Joseph Simon
Events & Experiential
+ our trusted network
of freelance collaborators

Some of our friends

We partner with our clients by weaving ourselves into their organizational structure and providing them with the creative support and consulting they need to grow.

Side Hustles

In our home town of NYC we saw a gap in the market for highly curated, well-produced electronic music events. From Day events to Dusk rituals to Dark strobe-filled spaces, we embark our guests on a journey by linking music, art, and culture with experiences aimed at each one of your five senses.

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