DME Tuning

Strategy • Identity Design • Shopify E-commerce Web Design • Content Production

DME Tuning is globally renowned as one of the world’s most prestigious engine software brands. Since the start of DME back in 2015, they have been pioneering and innovating in the world of engine software, delivering results and a reputation that is spoken about throughout the automotive tuning world.

An e-commerce website designed to meet sales goals.

Fast-forward 9 years, Azai Studios was awarded the opportunity to revamp DME Tuning's brand in their current marketplace. When our team took on this project we started with a new brand strategy. Figuring out how to re-position DME Tuning lead to a fresh visual identity, art directed content, and a fully custom e-commerce platform built on Shopify.

We neatly packaged it all to speak to their customer. Results? With an above average conversion rate, their new brand and e-commerce increased sales by over 42% within the first six months.

A mobile UI built around the shortest velocity to dollar metric.

Let's talk about this "velocity-to-dollar" term. Our UX team sat down and figured out the fastest way DME's customers could make an informed decision to purchase their product online. We built a custom Tune Menu that allowed users to find what they needed in a matter of seconds.


Agency Of Record for content production and digital marketing

Your website and marketing is only as good as your content. We are strong believers that strategic, high quality visual are one of the best marketing tools to build brand desire and loyalty.


Over 1.5 million views and impressions across all socials with art directed content and branded films

We wanted to tell DME's story across all touch points. We worked on art directing and producing photoshoots and branded films to show case their products in the settings where they naturally thrive. We conducted a full day shoot of some of their most exocit car projects, and a two day branded video shoot. The strategy was to use all content across the new e-commerice website and paid social media to increase conversions.