Urban Standard Capital

Brand Identity Design • Website Design • Web Development

Urban Standard is a new kind of real estate development and financing company. With a forward-looking approach to the changing landscape of New York City, they view new developments and funding projects through a holistic lens, taking into account existing neighborhood cultures and economies. They came to us for a brand identity with as much life as the city itself.

Real estate finance takes on a new life

When looking at the landscape of real estate finance brands in New York City, it is clear that the market is oversaturated with sameness—the same institutional stories, told over and over again. We set out to create an approachable and memorable brand that outlasts trends while attracting a new generation of real estate change makers. The logo takes on an animated combination of the letters U and S, representing the cyclical nature of the real estate market.


A future-facing brand strategy

Urban Standard works in three areas: financing real estate projects, acquiring and repositioning existing properties, and developing new projects from the ground up. By hiring and purchasing directly from local neighborhoods, they create economic opportunity everywhere they go. It’s clear that Urban Standard is truly “Building the future landscape.”


Standard, meet startup vibes

The typeface and colors reflect a balance between the need for seriousness within the industry and the creative and entrepreneurial culture within the company.


Graphics for a living brand

Using Lottie & Bodymovin to create fully custom SVG animations, we gave Urban Standard the tools to add motion graphics to their website, social platforms, and banner ads.


Three audiences, one website

Carrying the visual identity across all touchpoints unites Urban Standard’s three verticals. While showcasing offerings to potential clients, the website is also used to introduce the team and how they work. 

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It's not complete without a full team photoshoot

We did a full day photoshoot with the team at Urban Standard, but we wanted to introduce you all to Bean. As Chief Dog Officer, Bean makes sure everyone at the office is in line. Adding 7 years of Real Estate experience to the team, you can find her sniffing out the best deals and negotiating all the treats. A tough cookie to crack, Bean makes sure all deals are getting done and all IRRs are being exceeded. On an average day, you'll catch her in investor meetings sweet talking everyone, but on her spare time, she's a beach gal.